The correct jogging can make you run faster and faster!

Whether you are an elite athlete or a running novice, JOGGING is the foundation of running training. In your training menu, 70% of your training menu should be jogging training. In a sense, jogging can be said to be the most important training method, not one of them.

But speed is relative. What is the correct jogging pace for you? How much is better to run? How to run LSD?

1. The main point of jogging is: “It doesn’t matter how fast you are, but how comfortable you feel.”

Generally speaking, the more inexperienced runners are, the more likely they are to run faster. After the baptism of physical education in school days, many people have the psychological shadow of “running is painful”. The more so, the easier it is to run hard. To run with this kind of consciousness: “Never let yourself tired, you can easily continue to run.” If you are short of breath, you must be running fast.

For runners who are just starting to run, you can walk fast, and then slowly accelerate. When you feel that you can’t make the speed faster by just walking, you can start running at this time, and running at the same speed is easier than walking. Just keep this speed.

For long-trained runners, most of them have various recording tools, such as GPS watches, mobile apps, etc., and they generally have the habit of watching the pace while running. It is recommended that everyone follow the body’s feelings and run without relying on tools. However, for runners who have the pursuit of marathon performance, certain pace requirements are required. Here, a reference value for pace is given according to runners of different levels.

2. Jogging pace for runners of different levels

For runners with no marathon experience, it is recommended to run 5 kilometers at full strength, and determine the training pace for jogging according to the time of 5 kilometers.

For runners who often jog easily, there is no need to test a 5 km first, as long as you run happily with a mood of “no speed, just comfortable”.

3. Don’t pay attention to “distance” when jogging, but pay attention to “time”

Then jogging “how much is better?”, the conclusion is: “as long as you run comfortably, you can run for as long as you can”.

The key is not to look at how many kilometers you have run, but to see how long you have run. Especially for junior runners, it is easy to pursue “same distance, shorter time” and always want to “run faster than last time”! In the end, jogging is naturally not easy at all, so please focus on time when jogging.

If you have to add a time range, it can be about 30-60 minutes.

4.How do you run LSD?

LSD is Long Slow Distance.The speed of LSD is faster than walking and slower than jogging.LSD is more than 30 seconds slower than the pace of jogging per kilometer. In other words, LSD is the “slowest run”.

LSD can promote the development of capillaries and strengthen the capillary network throughout the body. The blood vessel can be understood as a transportation network. When the transportation is developed, the circulation of natural materials is just fine. Efficient logistics is like circulation in the body at high intensity. Once the internal circulation is good, you can quickly and efficiently transport oxygen/nutrients to the ends of the body, accelerate the elimination of fatigue substances, improve aerobic capacity, and create a body that is not easy to fatigue and not easy to be injured.

Some runners train hard, but have little effect. The reason is that the basic training (walking, LSD, jogging) is not enough. Only when the aerobic foundation is laid, and then intensity training (rhythmic running, pace running, interval running) can achieve better results.

LSD, as a kind of jogging, also requires “no distance, just time; relax and run comfortably”. The key to LSD is “slow” and “long”. If you run fast, the training effect will naturally not be achieved.

The correct jogging can make you run faster and faster.