Best New Balance Running Shoes 2021

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    Whether you’re someone who loves to run or occasionally take a jog every now and then to blow off some steam, having a pair of quality sneakers is a must, which is why we’ve rounded up the best running shoes on Amazon. Not only can they help boost performance, but they can also potentially help prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your body.

      Understandably, given all there is to consider, it can be hard to separate what styles are truly noteworthy when you’re not a pro runner and there’s a sea of options floating around. So if you’re not sure what styles are worth snagging, take a look at some of our favorite picks from Amazon to add to your running sneaker lineup.

New Balance Fresh Foam Series

The Fresh Foam collection takes its name from NB’s new foam material. These shoes have been engineered with the analysis of data from thousands of athletes.

    Fresh Foam midsoles are laser engraved to reduce weight and provide different kinds of cushion and support on different part of the shoe, based on the athelete’s need. The results are extremely versatile shoes that can take you from easy runs to races and anything in between.

New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Hierro V6 Trail Running Shoe

Fresh Foam midsole cushioning is precision engineered to deliver an ultra-cushioned, lightweight ride Synthetic/mesh upper with zonal TPU threads for added support and protection in

New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Hierro V5 Trail Running Shoe

supremely comfortable but not mushy, it feels like the kind of shoe in which you could spend a lovely, blister-free day on the trails.

New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam X Lav V2 Hard Court Tennis Shoe

That original Fresh Foam x Lav shoe — highly popular thanks to its cushioning and support — is in limited supply from most retailers.

new balance Women’s Fresh Foam 515 Sport V2 Running Shoe

An athletic upgrade of classic running shoe silhouettes, the Fresh Foam 515 Sport v2 lifestyle shoe from New Balance is a versatile addition to

new balance Women’s Fresh Foam Tempo Running Shoe

Upgrade your run with the Fresh Foam Tempo running shoe from New Balance. This runner was made with data-to-design Fresh Foam midsole cushioning to

new balance Women’s Fresh Foam Roav Boundaries Running Shoe

The women’s fresh Foam roav boundaries from new balance has an ultra heel construction that adapts to your foot, providing a seamless feel and

New Balance FuelCell Series

Shoes in the FuelCell collection are lightweight, responsive and engineered for speed. FuelCell is a TPU foam blend and has nitrogen infused into it which gives it its signature bouncy feel.

new balance Women’s FuelCell Flite Bali Blue Running Shoe

The all-new New Balance FuelCell Flite for men offers an all-new take on propulsion and energy return with responsive FuelCell foam in the midsole

new balance Men’s FuelCell Echo Running Shoe

For the runner whose shoes go beyond the run, the FuelCell Echo will take you further than your miles. This men's running shoe features

new balance Men’s FuelCell Echolucent Running Shoes

Lead the pack in new Balance’s echolucent sneaker. This sneaker sits atop a new and improved responsive FuelCell midsole cushioning to help offer superior

new balance Women’s FuelCell Echolucent Running Shoe

Lead the pack in New Balance’s Echolucent sneaker. This sneaker sits atop a new and improved responsive FuelCell midsole cushioning to help offer superior

new balance Women FuelCell Impulse Running Shoes

Powered by revolutionary nitrogen-injected forefoot technology, the new FuelCell Impulse for women is designed to provide athletes with a faster-than-fast feeling ride. This fit

New Balance Men’s FuelCell 890 V8-Running Shoe

These performance shoes feature FuelCell midsole foam, which delivers a propulsive feel to help drive you forward during runs of any length and intensity

New Balance Trail Series

Shoes in the New Balance trail series have an excellent balance of comfort and performance for any type of terrain.

new balance Mens Summit Low Top Lace Up Trail Running Shoes

The perfect instrument for surgical trail-running precision. An aggressive lug pattern tags along with a low and lean approach to deliver a fast-track spike

New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Hierro V5 Trail Running Shoe

supremely comfortable but not mushy, it feels like the kind of shoe in which you could spend a lovely, blister-free day on the trails.

new balance Men’s Skom – Summit King of Mountain V1 Trail Running Shoe

The upper is made of engineered mesh for breathability with protective overlays. A saddle hugs the foot to keep it secure. The Toe Protect

new balance Men’s Nitrelv3 Running Shoes

These modern retro men's trail running shoes easily work on or off road thanks to at tread. Revlite cushioning and a moulded saddle also

new balance Men’s 40 Multisport Training Shoes

Mt10 shoes are meticulously crafted with this in mind, featuring a vibram sole able to effortlessly provide the traction needed to keep you moving

new balance Men’s Arishi Running Shoe

its lugged outsole and Toe Protect upper overlay make it tough enough to take off-road—although we’d stick to mellow, groomed trails. The shoe doesn’t

New Balance model numbers: what do they mean

Most of you will be familiar with NB’s most popular models of a few years back: MR1080 v4, MR890 v3, WR1260v5… there is a surefire way to exactly understand the kind of shoe by looking at this number – the image below will help you understand.

Basically each model name/code was composed by 4 sections:

“MR”: The first two letters identify the gender and the sport activity. “M” is for MEN, “W” for WOMEN. “R” is for Running. “WW” will be Women’s Walking, “MX” will be Men’s Cross-Training and so on.
“10”: The “hundreds” number (890, 1260 etc) represents the level of “premium” of the shoe. It used to be symbolic of the pricepoint of the shoe, where 890 would be a shoe around $80, 1080 a shoe around $100 and 1260 a shoe around $120.
While this is not strictly the case anymore, the concept stays: you can expect the cost (and features) of the shoe to go up when moving from a “8” model to a “10” or a “12”.
“80”: The last two digits of the number used to indicate the level of cushioning: a “60” being a stability shoe while a “80” a neutral shoe. This is the actual list:
60 = stability
70 = light stability
80 = neutral/cushioning
90 = speed
“v6”: the “V” is the version of this shoe.
These numbers were not exactly customer friendly – but I have to admit that once you know the logic, it actually makes a lot of sense.